Welcome To Cocos2D-XNA


Cocos2D-XNA is a 2D/3D game developer’s framework that is written specifically for XNA. XNA is the game API developed by Microsoft for independently published games on Xbox Live Arcade. To support other platforms than the now deprecated Microsoft XNA targets, Cocos2D-XNA supports the MonoGame runtime.

This project is open source, freely available, and free of royalties or encumberance. The software is released under the GNU Affero General 29 Public License.

The source code is hosted at github: https://github.com/Cocos2DXNA/cocos2d-xna


  1. tin921 July 7, 2014 7:39 pm 

    hi, this is a really good framework. i like it a lot, i used it in a few apps/games with xamarin. how do i find information on parity of cocos2dxna with cocos2d? i see it’s on 3.1 now. and the new SpriteBuilder also produces a later version of ccb(i?) file too i think? does latest cocos2dxna supports them? thanks!!

    • totallyeviljake December 19, 2014 1:40 pm 

      The framework is currently at cocos2d-x version 2.3. We will be releasing a version that is on parity with cocos2d-x v3.3 in 2015.

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